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Eco Friendly


It's A Fact: BIB packages produce less than half the carbon footprint of glass packages as they require far less energy to produce and transport. While no package "eliminates carbon," BIBS are simply the most carbon-friendly wine option compared to heavier packaging like glass. Since 99% of wines sold in the US are designed to be consumed upon release, if all of these wines were packaged in BIB containers we would save 1.5 million tons of CO2 per year. This would be the equivalent of taking a quarter of a million cars off the road.

It's A Fact: BIB packages have at least 85% less packaging waste than glass bottles. BIBs eliminate the heavy glass bottle, the capsule, neck band, cork, front label, back label and are shipped in a large cardboard box. Again, in the United States alone, if all bottled wines designed to be consumed upon release switched to BIB packaging, we would save 941 million tonnes of glass packaging per year. If all those bottles were stacked end to end, the glass bottles would circle the earth 15 times.

It's A Fact: BIB packages eliminate Cork Taint which industry experts conservatively estimate spoil 5% of wines sealed with natural cork. Since cork taint is not evident until a bottle is opened, all of these tainted wines are produced, distributed, purchased, and disposed of at a tremendous environmental cost. By eliminating cork taint by enjoying wine in BIBs packages, the wine US drinkers would not throw out could fill over 40 (43.56 to be exact) Olympic-sized swimming pools.

It's A Fact: BIB packages save money while delivering exactly the same wine that is packaged in heavy glass bottles. The savings in the US alone would amount to over $5 billion dollars. Imagine what good could be done in the world with those savings!